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Osceola Regional Medical Center Now Provides Complementary Valet Parking for Its Visitors

October 09, 2012

Kissimmee, FL – Osceola Regional Medical Center announces that it has recently installed complementary valet parking at the front entrance of its facility from 6 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday. Anyone visiting the hospital during those times can immediately drive to the front entrance and exit their vehicle. Should they leave after 4 pm, the keys to their vehicle will be available to them from the front desk. This is a free service for patients and visitors and the hospital encourages its use whenever possible.

 “We are well aware that those who visit our campus are preoccupied with a wide range of concerns. We believe that the installation of valet parking will allow patients and visitors to focus on primary concerns during a time of anxiety,” said Kathryn J. Gillette, CEO of Osceola Regional Medical Center. “This will demonstrate Osceola Regional Medical Center’s additional commitment to providing quality, compassionate care,” she added.

 In addition, the hospital will soon open an employee parking garage to complement its initiative and allow for more parking space availability.