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Robot Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery Performed

December 16, 2010

Osceola Regional Medical Center Performs Robot Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery


Kissimmee, FL- December, 2010 – Osceola Regional Medical Center performed its first robot assisted laparoscopic surgery on November 29, 2010.  The surgery was performed by Richard Real, M.D., an Obstetrician/Gynecologist using the da Vinci® Surgical System.  


The new technology provides surgeons superior 3D visualization, improved dexterity, and increased precision for optimal performance of certain types of minimally invasive surgery, including gynecology and the treatment of gynecologic cancer. Among the benefits of this technology are less   less pain, blood loss, and scarring than conventional open surgery.  In addition, reduced instances of infection, shorter hospital stays, faster recovery times, and quicker return to normal activities have also been reported.  

The new technology is part of Osceola Regional Medical Center’s ongoing commitment to providing the highest quality of care to the community.  

The system is operated by a surgeon sitting a few feet away from the patient at a console.  Using a high powered camera, the surgeon guides the arms of the robot that holds surgical tools, which are inserted into the patient through small, keyhole-sized incisions.  The da Vinci’s highly accurate instruments allow the surgeon to move his own hands and the robots to conduct precise movements with extraordinary control and range of motion.  The video monitoring system provides a three dimensional view of the surgery with magnification ten times that of the naked eye.