Osceola Regional Medical Center continues to grow continuously to meet the demands of our vibrant and diverse community. Since our beginnings in 1933 when Dr. W. Lancaster opened Osceola General Hospital, the first hospital in Osceola County, we’ve added buildings, floors, units, beds, personnel, physicians, technology and advanced innovative services to provide the highest quality medical care to our patients.

In the midst of changing names, logos and paint colors, one thing remains constant and that is our mission statement: “Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.”

2017 - Upcoming Expansions and New Services

  • Expansion to add beds and the highest level of care for our premature or ill newborns in our existing NICU Level II. Our Baby Suites and NICU department will be able to care of babies 25 weeks young. Osceola Regional will continue to be the only medical facility offering this type of care in Osceola County.

    Why go to another hospital to deliver your baby in the event that after a normal pregnancy your baby unexpectedly needs additional care for a few minutes or months.

    At Osceola Regional’s Baby Suites and NICU, mom can rest assured that her baby is close by, without being having to be transferred, and when mom is discharged but baby needs more care, mom and the family can still visit everyday without commuting an hour to see and hold the new addition to the family.

  • Osceola Regional’s NICU is staffed 24/7 by Nemours Hospital neonatologists, experienced and highly skilled nurses and equipped with the latest technology and security measures.
  • Osceola Regional’s Baby Suites is proud to have been awarded the Blue Distinction Center for Maternity Care.

For childbirth classes, breastfeeding and baby basic classes or to tour our Baby Suites, visit our calendar of events.

Learn about our Pediatric ER, Pediatric Inpatient Unit and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit staffed by Nemours physicians.

  • Expansion of the only Primary Advanced Stroke Center in the county. The Primary Advanced Stroke Center has received an award annually for stroke excellence by the American Heart and Stroke Association.
  • With the addition of the Comprehensive Stroke Center, residents and visitors with the highest and most complex stroke cases will be cared for nearby, without having to be transferred to a distant facility – soon to be the only one of its kind in Osceola County. This means a higher level of care for your brain using additional imaging equipment, sophisticated technology such as an imaging bi-plane, expert specialists, highly trained healthcare professionals and expanded protocols in place when time is of the essence. Because “time lost is brain lost” and we want our patients to have the best outcomes possible so they can have the best life possible.

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  • Addition of 2 floors and services in our 2 year old, eastern structure Tower A.
  • New 36 bed Medical/Surgical Unit to meet the demands of our growing community.

In the new Inpatient Acute Physical Rehabilitation Center, a multidisciplinary team of professionals will treat patients with debilitating diseases, or injuries such as strokes, brain/neurological conditions, orthopedic, and spine injuries to achieve individualized goals for recovery. The center will be the only one of its kind in Osceola County.

Located in South Orlando next to the JW Marriot and Ritz, the freestanding emergency facility provides the emergency care that is provided in a traditional hospital setting. Hunter’s Creek ER is undergoing an expansion to add more exam rooms to keep up with our growing community. Hunter’s Creek ER has imaging equipment including a CT scanner, a laboratory, a separate EMS ambulance entrance and a designated trauma room. Staffed by emergency physicians, nurses, and technicians, Hunter’s Creek ER is able to care for life-threatening emergencies unlike urgent care centers. From earaches, broken bones to chest pain, Hunter’s Creek ER offers 24/7 emergency care children and adults within the suburban area of South Orlando.

Hunter’s Creek ER is located in 12100 S. John Young Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32837.

(407) 903-7033

Text ER to 23000 to see average ER wait times near you.

The new endoscopy unit will be relocated with new technology, space and aesthetics. This dedicated area performs endoscopy procedures to provide internal images of the digestive system to enable diagnosis and treatment.

  • Osceola Regional Medical Center is a teaching hospital for newly graduated physicians in collaboration with UCF College of Medicine (UCF COM). As part of the UCF COM/HCA Consortium, this partnership with HCA (our parent company) is designed to increase the number of residencies and fellowships in Florida, thereby addressing the physician shortage in Florida, particularly to our community.
  • Osceola Regional currently offers graduate medical education (GME) programs in Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology and has recently added Neurology and Transitional Residency Programs. Newly graduated physicians are matched to our programs in the spring and start their residency to become a practicing physician in the summer.

More residencies are being added to our list of programs. Read more information on our GME.

  • Our new cafeteria will be completed soon with a complete makeover for a more updated and modern look. Subway will continue to serve our patient’s families and visitors.

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Osceola County has the latest and most innovative medical care right in your backyard. There is no longer need to travel to Orlando to get the best of the best.

Osceola Regional is right here for you and growing. We are just getting Bigger and Better!