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Breast Care Services

Services We Offer:

Diagnostic Services:

  • Digital Screening Mammography with the Comfort of Mammo Pads
  • Digital Diagnostic Mammography with the Comfort of Mammo Pads
  • Computer-Aided Detection (CAD)
  • Breast Ultrasound
  • 3T Breast MRI
  • Bone Densitometry
    • Multidisciplinary care as needed

Go to the Services and Technology page for more information.

Minimally Invasive Biopsy Capabilities:

  • Ultrasound-guided
  • 3T MRI-guided
  • Needle localization
    • Providing precise and fast diagnosis with the smallest incision and fastest recovery

Learn more about Breast Biopsy.

We are here for you...

  • If additional diagnostic exams are indicated, we can often provide the next exam immediately or we can assist in scheduling them to expedite the process.
  • If diagnostic imaging shows a need for a biopsy, the breast care coordinator will follow up with the primary care physician regarding the expedited care of the patient.

Pre-Exam Consideration & Information

Scheduling Guidelines:

Bring any films from previous studies to assist in interpretation of your exam

Wear comfortable clothing.

  • Do not wear any deodorant or perfume
  • Be prepared to change into a patient gown
  • Notify your physician and technologist if there is any chance that you may be pregnant or if you are currently breastfeeding
  • Bring any other data with you that your physician has instructed you to bring


  • Patients must present picture identification and insurance information at the time of registration.
  • A physician order, including history and symptoms, is required for exams to be completed.
  • All diagnostic mammography orders must include a diagnosis.
  • The registration staff will attempt to obtain a revised order from the physician’s office if necessary. If after 30 minutes they are unable to have the order revised the patient will be reschedules until the correct order is received.

Imaging Reports

Reports are faxed to physician offices daily. Unless we are waiting for comparison films, most reports are ready within12 hours. Please allow 24 hours to have films copied for a CD of an exam. A signed medical records release form and proof of identification are necessary for us to release films to a patient.

For scheduling or changes of your appointment, please call (407) 518-4200