Cardiovascular Decision Unit

If you are having cardiac issues but do not yet require hospitalization, our cardiovascular decision unit is there to help monitor and assess you. The unit provides 23-hour observation, which helps physicians determine the next step needed in your treatment.

This unit can accommodate 12 patients, and it provides comfort and privacy as you are evaluated. You and your physicians also have immediate access to other hospital services if you require them.

There are areas for your family members to wait, and they are welcome to visit you when you are not being tested.

Hybrid Operating Room

The Hybrid OR is a unique combination of an operating suite with a cardiac catheterization laboratory that has peripheral angiographic imaging capabilities.

The configuration allows surgical and interventional cardiovascular procedures to occur at the same time or sequentially, without moving patients from one room to another, which allows the patients to be diagnosed and treated in one visit. This decreases downtime and contributes to a speedier recovery. The unique technology encourages an interdisciplinary approach by interventionists, cardiovascular surgeons, and anesthesiologists simultaneously. This system bridges the gap between surgical and procedural physicians and always maintains the best interest of the patient as the top priority.