Sometimes, children need extra medical attention and your doctor may order a hospital admission. Osceola Regional Medical Center has designed a NEW Pediatric Inpatient Unit and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), staffed with Nemours Children's Health System physicians to ensure your child gets the care he or she needs close to home from some of the best pediatric specialists in the area.

The new Pediatric Unit and PICU offer a beautiful and modern facility centered on each child’s and their parent’s needs. The units are staffed by Nemours Pediatric Intensivists, highly skilled pediatric nurses and healthcare professionals with years of experience in caring for your most prized possession, while the hospital is also affiliated with a tenured team of local pediatricians.

Pediatric Inpatient Unit and PICU Features:

  • Eight colorfully decorated inpatient rooms with color-changing night lights
  • Six wild-life decorated intensive care rooms
  • 14,000 sq.ft. high-tech and secured inpatient unit and PICU
  • Fun playroom to take breaks from their treatment schedule
  • Child Life Specialist to help children cope with the challenges of hospitalization and illness
  • Special Respite and Lactation Rooms for relaxation and privacy
  • Specialized treatment room for exams and minor procedures
  • Four isolation rooms
  • Nemours CareConnect telemedicine iPad technology for physician consultations when needed

What is an Intensivist?

Pediatric Intensivists are doctors specializing in treating acutely ill infant, children, and adolescents. They work alongside pediatricians, primary care physicians and pediatric specialists to provide the best outcome for your child and speed up their recovery time.

We want your child to feel safe at Osceola Regional we have added separate rooms where children can be transferred for any specialized treatment their condition may require. Afterward, they can return to the cozy familiarity of their room.

The Pediatric Inpatient Unit and PICU unit is locked for your child’s safety. When you come to visit, you will need to use the intercom to enter the unit.

What is a PICU?

PICU is an area of the hospital that provides sick children with the highest level of medical care for critically ill children. Continuously monitored towards their recovery, Osceola Regional pediatric and PICU patients' care are overseen by Nemours Pediatric Intensivists day and night.