Cardiac rehab specialists in Kissimmee, Florida

After you experience a cardiac event, rehabilitation can play a crucial role in helping you heal and return to your normal daily activities. The cardiac rehab program at Osceola Regional Medical Center takes a patient-centered approach to address your needs and support you on your journey to recovery.

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Advanced cardiac therapy

We offer cardiac rehabilitation to help restore your strength, improve your medical condition and reduce your risk of other heart conditions. Our rehabilitation program incorporates exercise, nutritional counseling, emotional support and lifestyle education.

Phase one: cardiac evaluation and risk assessment

The first phase of cardiac rehab usually begins while you are still in the hospital. Our physicians, nurses and rehab staff will evaluate your physical abilities and medical condition. They will also assess your risk factors for future heart issues, such as heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke. Once the assessments are completed, we will determine a safe and effective course of action for you.

Phase two: strength, flexibility and nutrition training

The second phase of cardiac rehab is a tailored exercise therapy plan provided on an outpatient basis. This phase usually lasts 12 weeks. During this phase, you will work with a physical therapist who will teach you exercises to help you regain strength and flexibility. You will also work with a nutritionist and learn about healthy food choices to reduce your intake of fat, cholesterol and sodium.

Phase three: cardio exercise

The third phase of cardiac rehab also lasts for about 12 weeks. During this time, you will begin a cardiovascular fitness routine in an outpatient setting. You can expect less supervision than previous phases, but your exercise level will be higher as you work to strengthen your cardiovascular system.

Preventive lifestyle and nutrition advice

Many need cardiac attention because they are at high risk for heart disease but have not had heart surgery or a heart attack. For these patients, and for many who have also had heart conditions or procedures, we offer preventive cardiac rehab.

In this phase of rehab, you can expect to receive advice about lifestyle changes and nutritional choices. You’ll also be given a personalized fitness plan. As with other phases, our goal is to help your restore your heart health and lead an active and productive life.

Support throughout the program

Recovering from a heart issue is not something that happens overnight. During all phases of cardiac rehabilitation, you can count on us to offer guidance and support through the ups and downs you may experience. We will provide you with compassionate care and help you regain your physical and emotional strength.

Getting to your cardiac rehabilitation appointment

We offer cardiac rehabilitation services in the Osceola Medical Arts Building next to the main hospital.

Our hours of operation are:

Monday through Friday
8:00am to 3:00pm

We are located at:

720 West Oak St,, Suite 280
Kissimmee, FL 34741