Angel Vazquez

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Heart Attack Survivor

Angel Vazquez never thought that a day working from home would change his life forever. Angel suffered a heart attack at 37 years old and underwent a triple bypass surgery performed by Wade Fischer, MD, cardiothoracic surgeon at the Heart and Vascular Institute of Osceola Regional Medical Center. Angel's heart attack and recuperation process was hard on him. Angel was used to caring for his wife and two young daughter, not being cared for the simpler of tasks as showering. But, with the help of his team of physicians, nurses and family, he was able to start his journey a few steps at a time.

Angel started sharing his journey with his friends on social media where he found support and encouragement. As he felt stronger and his activities endured longer such as walking at the theme parks, Angel started to feel empowered and grateful for his blessings, leading him to encourage others to walk for health, but particularly for heart health. Before long, his friends started to follow Angel's example and started walking longer distances to their parked cars. They would ask, what would Angel do? The answer, just walk! Only after 5 months of his heart attack, Angel participated in the American Heart Associations' Greater Orlando Heart Walk and was presented with the Lifestyle Change Award.

Angel spreads his message of changing habits for healthier lifestyles and heart disease prevention. He walks/runs more than ever and continues to journal his accomplishments on Facebook and Instagram under "Just Walk." In his first year after the heart attack and under the supervision of his physicians, he has joined numerous 5K and 10k walks and half-marathons, completing 95 miles in registered races! Angel has started training for his first full marathon and enjoys quality time with his family while encouraging the world to just walk!

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